The "Compulink" Group regards the customers' trust and the partners' respect as the top priority values. Having operated on the market of IR and consulting for nearly 20 years, we have gained a tremendous experience, a stable reputation, strong business ties in Russia and on the international scale.

We see our mission in establishing a reliable foundation for our clients to develop and prosper through implementation of efficient state-of-the-art hi-tech solutions. We are confident that information technologies must meet objectives and goals of the core business.

Owing to the gained knowledge, professionalism and a long-term record of successful partnership, we can provide comprehensive services for creating corporate and public information systems – from development through implementation and subsequent service maintenance.

Key values and approaches to dealing with clients and partners

Focusing on the customer's interests
The Group's approach to creating information systems is based on the record of application of the most advanced technologies and products, which ensures a customized approach to solving the most challenging problems. Thorough exploration of various aspects of the client's activities always enables us to find exclusive and the most efficient solutions.

The Group is a team of highly qualified professionals doing their work based on quality assurance standards and having all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Quality guarantees and responsibility for results
The Group assumes responsibility for results of work fulfilled, in both development and design of solutions, and their comprehensive and impeccable implementation and subsequent operation. The centralized management of all the Group's resources ensures continuous quality control throughout the project stages, which eventually results in higher business efficiency.

The Group's multi-vendor approach, avoiding being limited to a single manufacturer or developer, enables the customer to select the optimum platform for solving business tasks efficiently.

The Group's relationship with clients and partners is based on the principle of confidentiality of commercial secrets and adherence to all the rules of professional ethics.

Reputation of the Group
The key constituent of the Group's image is the clients' trust gained over years, which is supported with actual results of work fulfilled.