Banking Systems

Banking systems

Within this area, the Compulink Group of Companies exercises development, implementation and support of automated banking systems, electronic payment systems, systems for managerial accounting and budgeting for banks, and offers the Quorum. Bank, Quorum. IEIS-Integrator, Quorum. Electronic Archive, Quorum. Payment platforms.

Quorum. Bank
is a single banking platform based on a component structure and intended for automation of operational, accounting and managerial activities of the bank. The architecture of the Quorum. Bank banking platform enables customers to choose only the components required for organization of the bank’s activities and facilitates expanding the platform in the future.

The system components are: accounting core; operational service; settlement center; deposits; lending; bank cards; cash operations and accounting, foreign currency dealing and taxation management.

Quorum. IEIS-Integrator
 is a solution ensuring the bank’s informational interaction with the Federal Treasury Public Information System for Regional and Local Payments involving use of the IEIS (Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction System) services. Implementation of the system will enable to ensure compliance with requirements of 210-FZ “On organization of provision of state services” as revised in Federal Law 162-FZ dated June 27, 2011.

Quorum. IEIS-Integrator
performs the functions of a multipurpose gate ensuring the bank’s interaction with services of government agencies through the interdepartmental electronic interaction system. Special-purpose adaptors are created for specific participants of informational interaction and for specific types of document flow within this platform.

Key advantages of the solution
: availability of scalable architecture enabling to process large amounts of information at the same time and maximize utilization of server resources; expandable multi-functionality achieved through connection of new interaction adaptors (e.g., with informational systems of the Federal Bailiff Service, or the Federal Tax Service) and versatile interaction with any of the Bank’s systems both through a web service and via connection to an Oracle database.

Quorum. Electronic Archive
is a software product intended for achievement of the bank’s particular objectives in the field of electronic storage and processing of documents, namely: saving costs on preparation and storage of the bank documents (paper, printing consumables, storage premises, transportation and postal costs); optimization of labor costs of the bank’s employees (primarily, due to automation of routine operations); minimization of risks of loss or misrepresentation of a document in the archive; using a unified service for archiving documents from the bank’s disparate systems; compliance with instruction No. 2346-U of the Russian Federation Central Bank.

Key advantages of the solution:

-  Support throughout the lifecycle beginning from preparation of electronic versions of documents through disposal ofstorage units on expiration of relevant time periods;

-  Any informational systems of the bank as systems used as sources of documents;

-  Integration with external special-purpose solutions for putting an electronic digital signature (EDS);

-  Support of creating extra copies of media with documents for undergoing inspections on the part of the Bank of Russia;

-  Special standalone program for viewing documents on each particular disk;

-  Implementation may be exercised by the bank’s own resources.

Quorum. Payment
 is a suite of technological solutions for receipt of payments and their centralized processing, ensuring high quality of provision of the service, manageability and control, possibility to expand the range of types of payments, connect new payees (service providers) and development of additional services.

Implementation of Quorum. Payment enables

- to create one’s own software and hardware processing complex, through which payments would be received; 
- to ensure failsafe operation and high availability of the payment receipt service; 
- to increase the number of service providers, for whose benefit payments are received; 
- to expand the geography of receipt of payments, in particular, through creating one’s own network of payment agents exercising receipt of payments;  
- to enable receiving up to 1000 payments per second, with payments credited in real time (within 2-3 sec, the maximum permissible delay being limited to 30 sec);

- to enable clients to make payments via various channels with different payment instruments. 

Key advantages of the solution: 

- Receipt of payments for the benefit of various service providers 
- Support of various payment receipt channels 
- Using different payment instruments for making payments 
- Providing clients with extra payment services 
- Expanding the payment receipt channels through creating one’s own network of payment agents

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