Infrastructure control and monitoring

  • 1 IT infrastructure monitoring and control

    Using IT infrastructure and control systems raises operational efficiency of the company's corporate information system, ensures accessibility and reliability of IT resources, contributes to reducing the downtime of the corporate system, as decreasing the rate of errors in operation. These solutions are indispensable for companies, where the quality of information systems determines results of business processes: banks, industrial corporations, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.
    The Compulink Group implements IT infrastructure monitoring and control systems. These systems make possible:

    • to raise the quality of IT services and to lower the probability of software failures;
    • to facilitate modernization of IT infrastructure;
    • to ensure security, reliability, comprehensive interaction of IT infrastructure components;
    • to raise the efficiency of functioning of the IT department, etc.

    СTimely identification of malfunctions, continuous monitoring of operability of IT systems are among the tasks solved within the solutions offered by the Compulink Group; these prevent equipment operation failures, improve efficiency of communications and hence raise the quality of operation of IT infrastructure and the company, as a whole.

  • 2 Information security monitoring system

    The Compulink Group is engaged in development and implementation of an information security monitoring system, which allows:

    • automation of the processes of administration, audit and monitoring of local and remote servers
    • registration of events on servers related to information security;
    • acquisition and delivery of data subject to subsequent analysis and control from district servers to regional ones, and from regional servers to the central one;
    • registration of actions and decisions of security administrator on facts of critical events to be monitored;
    • generation of user passwords and setting (changing) passwords on local and remote servers;
    • creating reports on status of information security subsystems;
    • visual color design presentation of results of operation of software suite on PC;
    • authentication based on user name and password for access to services of servers.

  • 3 Monitoring and control centers

    The Compulink Group offers construction of monitoring and control centers, as well as control rooms. These solutions are software and hardware complexes made up of:

    • data acquisition, storage and processing devices;
    • means of information visualization and presentation;
    • сspecial purpose software

    Within implementation of this solution, the Compulink Group offers:

    • technical design;
    • development of design of premises;
    • delivery and installation of equipment, peripheral devices and furniture.

    The range of services and solutions offered by the Compulink Group makes possible implementation of a project for construction of a monitoring and control center "from scratch" and delivering a complete and ready to use technological complex to the customer.