Energy service

The Compulink Group implements projects aimed at energy saving and raising efficiency of use of energy resources of major industrial enterprises through making energy service contracts with the same in accordance with FZ-261 "On energy saving and raising energy efficiency".

Goals and purposes of energy service:
  • Reducing costs of fuel and energy resources (FER)
  • Reducing costs of repair and operation of engineering equipment
  • Raising the energy efficiency of the Customer's facilities due to improvement of their qualitative characteristics
Advantages of energy service contracts for the Customer:
  • The Customer does not have to allocate any financial funds to implementation of energy efficient measures
  • Having the required expertise, Compulink assumes all the risks including those associated with delivery of equipment, installation, dealing with contractors and attainability of desired economy
  • The project expenses are compensated in evenly distributed payments over a period of 3 years, or longer, which are exercised from funds saved due to economy of costs of payment for FERР
  • The Customer's economy following implementation of an energy saving contract would make up to 20% annual consumption of energy resources per year
  • Modernization of the company's own infrastructure without diversion of current assets
Key energy efficient measures:
  • Modernization of lighting
  • Decentralization of compressor systems
  • Organization/modernization of own generation/co-generation
  • Modernization of heat supply networks
  • Modernization of plenum heating systems
  • Furnishing of pumping equipment with variable frequency drives
Legislative framework
Federal Law dated November 23, 2009 "On energy saving and raising energy efficiency, as well as on making amendments to particular legislative acts of the Russian Federation
  • Introduces a concept of an energy service contract, establishes the subject of the contract and its general provisions;
  • Enables to conclude energy service contracts for all groups of consumers without considerable legal risks
Resolution of the Russian Federation Government dated August 18, 2010, N 636 (Moscow) "On requirements to terms of an energy service contract and on specifics of determination of initial (maximum) price of contract (price of lot) of energy service"
  • Establishes the general terms of energy service contracts for state and municipal needs