Engineering solutions

The Compulink Group provides a wide range of services on construction of engineering support systems. Development of these systems is suggested as an element of complex integration projects, and as a standalone service, which involves pre-project site inspection, selection of a solution based on requirements and specifics of infrastructure, design, delivery and assembling of equipment, comprehensive tests, commissioning of project, warranty and post-warranty service, as well as training of the customer’s specialists.

Having implemented major IT projects for more than 20 years and possessing of all the resources necessary for successful operation, the Compulink Group offers the following solutions for creating engineering systems:

Structured cabling systems (SCS) make the physical basis for infrastructure of a facility, which enables to unify numerous information services of different purposes in a single system:

Local area networks and local telephone networks
Safety and security systems
CCTV systems, etc.

Advantages of SCS:

Flexibility – possibility to change configuration (including replacement of equipment) and to improve the system without complete variation of the system of communications
Versatility – standardization of all the components ensuring high operability and compatibility with equipment made by most of manufacturers
Reliability – resistance to extraordinary situation, ensuring reliable protection of data for many years

Power supply ensures operation of nearly all the building equipment and makes an essential condition of its stable functioning.

Power supply of the buildings implemented by specialists of the Compulink Group includes:
Creating integrated systems for consumers in administrative, industrial and civil purpose buildings:

- Work and emergency lighting system
- Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system
- Guaranteed power supply (GPS) system
- Grounding and lightning protection system
Development of the most efficient arrangement for power supply of a target object
Installation based on configuration of the building power network

Ventilation and air conditioning systems in administrative and public buildings ensure air circulation and inflow of fresh air for comfortable work of personnel. In utility premises, they are mostly designed to provide positive pressure of air for preventing penetration of dust from outside and for removal of harmful substances released in the course of equipment operation.

Within this solution, the Compulink Group specialists exercise:

Project examination of facilities, with issue of opinions on operability of systems
Design of climatic systems of any complexity level
Professional installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems
Installation and commissioning of various climatic equipment items
Warranty and post-warranty service

This solution provides the following opportunities:

Design, installation and maintenance of automatic fire-fighting systems at facilities of any complexity level
Furnishing the customer’s facilities with fire alarm, fire notification, evacuation, ventilation and smoke removal systems
The Compulink Group specialists perform design and installation using state-of-the-art fire safety developments, with consideration of individual specifics of each particular facility, including the geometry of the premises and the wall thickness.

Compulink Group offers comprehensive equipment of information and analytical complexes. When designing the furnishing projects, the company’s specialists take into account the industry-specific requirements to equipment of premises and methods for minimization of operating costs.


Implementation of this system expands business communication opportunities: data communication and exchange, joint elaboration of solutions by employees are exercised in real time, irrespective of their location.

This allows holding operational conferences with geographically remote objects, bringing orders and instructions to the notice of officials in charge, and exercising control over their fulfillment, to name just a few.

Congress class systems

Congress class systems are intended for holding multilingual conferences with participation from delegates from different countries, with provision of simultaneous interpreting into one or more languages.

Sound systems

These systems ensure audio reproduction from different sources that would be sufficiently loud, articulate and recognizable, with sound pressure evenly distributed all over the area of the room.

Equipment of control rooms

Equipment of control rooms enables to monitor objects under control for responding promptly to arising situations and emergency decision-making.

Dispatching equipment is responsible for concurrent presentation of huge amounts of information by means of graphic panels, which are implemented in the form of multiscreen systems made up of projection units (video display cubes).

The security system is a complex of organizational and technological measures intended for protection from both internal and internal adverse effects.

The complex of security systems comprises:

Access monitoring and control system
Fire alarm systems (including emergency public warning and management of evacuation of personnel and visitors)
Intrusion and panic alarm system (including protection of perimeter and emergency warning)
CCTV systems