IT outsourcing

  • 1 User support center

    The Compulink Group offers its customers services of a user support center – the HelpDesk service.
    Using HelpDesk enables the customer to identify in due time the problem areas of information infrastructure, raises the efficiency of functioning, transparency and manageability of IT infrastructure, provides a single request entry point.

  • 2 Technical support of users

    The Compulink Group offers services on support of information infrastructure, from designing a system of IT services through servicing operational activities of the end service consumers.
    As a separate area of its operation, the Compulink Group offers services for supporting and maintaining the customer's workplaces.
    Services on support of the users' workplaces include:

    • supporting the Customer's workplace;
    • supporting the Customer's specialized applied software.

    To ensure operability of the company's server and networking infrastructure and a high level of accessibility of services and a guaranteed quality level, the Compulink Group services on maintenance of computing equipment, networking, peripheral and office equipment.
    The services on maintenance of computing equipment, networking, peripheral and office equipment include:

    • identification of malfunctions in the Customer's hardware (based on monitoring data and/or on the Customer's request);
    • scheduled maintenance;
    • escalation of request to a service agent;
    • delivery (return) of the Customer's hardware to the service agent;
    • installation and relocation of equipment;
    • maintenance of server and networking infrastructure.

  • 3 Maintenance of server and networking infrastructure

    The Compulink Group provides services on support of server software and information services, which comprise:

    • support of server operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family;
    • support of systems based on Microsoft and VMware hypervisors;
    • support of directory service based on the Microsoft Active Directory;
    • support of the Customer's mail service based on the Microsoft technologies;
    • support of servers designed for protection of network perimeter based on the Microsoft and Cisco technologies;
    • support of the backup service based on the Microsoft technologies;
    • support of server platforms of standard architecture;
    • support of the Cisco networking equipment;
    • monitoring of server and networking equipment based on the Customer's technical assignment.

  • 4 Project management

    The Compulink Group approaches fulfillment of all the contracts with its Customers as implementation of projects. The Compulink Group uses a single methodology and standards for project management, while taking into account individual specifics of different types of projects (consulting, construction, software development projects, etc.).
    For efficient project-related activities, a project office is in operation in the company, which manages all the projects. Managers of the Compulink Group projects have specialized education, as well as international IPMA and PMI certificates confirming their professional level.
    To fulfill all the projects, a team of specialists is formed headed by the project manager. The authorities and responsibilities within the team are clearly delineated according to the functions exercised by its members in the project.
    For information and analytical support of activities of the project office, the Group has a state-of-the-art information system for project management with a convenient reporting form, which lets Customers to be kept up to date on the progress of work:

    • project timeline management
    • management of the area of application of the project;
    • project quality management;
    • project risk management;
    • project communication management;
    • project finance management;
    • project human resources management;
    • etc

    The key role in project management is played by the Project Manager, the person who is personally responsible for the project results and has the authorities required thereto.

  • 5 Setup of project management with Customers

    These services comprise a full cycle of tasks required for initiation of efficient project management:

    • development of regulatory and methodological documents,
    • development of templates of project management documents,
    • implementation of information system of project management,
    • consulting and support of personnel involved in project management,
    • further support.

    As for Customers having no need in organization of a project office within their own organization, the Compulink Group offers them services on management of the Customer's projects, while assuring total transparency of its activities.