Special-purpose solutions

Warning systems

Warning systems (WS) are intended for automatic notification of employees of dispatching services and operational crews on onset of specific events and on variation of the status of objects under monitoring.

Key functions of WS:

  • Creating mailing lists for delivery of messages according to the list of addressees
  • Receiving short messages sent to a dedicated telephone number
  • Configuration of message sending regulations
  • Choosing a communication channel for delivery of messages (voice, SMS, e-mail)
  • Monitoring of delivery of messages and generation of reporting documents
  • Managing warning lists, templates of lists and warning subjects
  • Automatic sending of messages according to a configurable list of substituting addressees
  • Integration with adjacent information systems
  • Interacting through specialized adaptors with sensors of fire-fighting systems, access control, video analytics for obtaining telemetry data

Using WS in various industries:

  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power engineering
  • Railroads
  • Motor transportation enterprises and major motor roads
  • Seaports
  • Airport complexes
  • Airport complexes

Specific features of warning systems offered by the Compulink Group:

  • Seamless integration with SAP Portal
  • Receiving reports on mobile devices
  • Flexible connection of specialized adaptors for access to telemetry systems
  • Generation of messages containing telemetry data according to regulations
  • Using centralized reference books or master systems as sources of reference information
  • Connection of extra communication channels and data storage facilities including those used by the Customer
  • API for access to information on messages to other systems

More details on functions of WS:

Generation of mailing lists of messages:

The system enables to create, edit, start, remove and stop mailing. Notification may be created automatically, according to an algorithm configured in the system, or formed by user. Each message has a unique number, subject, text of message, list of addressees, author and date of creation.

For each addressee, communication channels may be set to be used for notification (SMS, E-mail, voice message), and documents of various formats may be attached.

Receiving messages:

The WS enables to receive, log, as well as automatically sort and filter all the messages coming to a dedicated telephone number (including a short code). If there are attached files, the system may save the received documents in a particular directory.

Managing warning lists:

Flexible management of warning lists. The reference book of addressees contains all the contact information required for mailing (full name, position, mobile telephone number, e-mail, etc.), as well as the current status of the addressee (at work, on assignment, on vacation, on sick leave, etc.). It is possible to state a substituting addressee.

Receiving messages from automatic monitoring systems:

The WS may receive messages from a telemetry data monitoring system (including fire-fighting and access control systems), as well as systems for monitoring of the state of computing and networking infrastructure, special purpose sensors and devices, and then generate messages with a relevant subject and send them to a configured list of addressees.

Logging and reporting:

The WS involves logging of user actions and automatic actions, including integrational interaction sessions. All the logs enable to view information contained therein, with possibility of filtering and grouping of log entries according to their attributes, both at workplaces and on mobile devices.