Unified communications

Unified communications

The Compulink Group offers services on creating a company’s single communication business environment, where employees would be able to share information, jointly work on documents and solve operational tasks in real time. Instant messages, telephone calls, videoconferences, availability status – these services accessible from a single user interface allow raising the efficiency of interaction between employees, cutting costs on communication and assignment trips, and considerable increase in the speed of decision-making while reducing the time of responding to requests from customers.

The Compulink Group offers services for implementation of the following systems within this area of activities:

Videoconferencing (VC) is a technology ensuring simultaneous transmission of video and audio to a distance by means of hardware and software means of communication.

Advantages of VC:

Possibility to engage in operative communication with an interlocutor located at any point of the globe, at any convenient time
Fast distribution of resources and monitoring of remote facilities
Possibility for third party experts to join the videoconference
Payback of investment due to saving and finances otherwise spent on assignment trips and mobile communication (in 2 to 3 years)
Saving costly working time of executives and highly qualified specialists

The Compulink Group offers a full range of services for construction of VC systems:

Consulting and pre-project surveys
Technological design of the system
Preparation of cost estimate documents
Training the customer’s personnel
Installation and startup & adjustment of the system equipment
Putting in commercial operation
Audit of status of telecommunication infrastructure
Modernization of transportation network for high quality VC
Service support
Warranty support of equipment

Modern technologies used by the Compulink Group for construction of telephony systems allow (in addition to direct voice communication) using such services as video call, transfer call, call forwarding, voice mail, group call, automatic distribution of calls, data communication, direct communication, audio and video conferencing, support of interactive voice menu, etc.

A call processing center is the company’s structural unit, where clients can obtain a prompt information help, place an order, leave a message, etc. Besides, this is a powerful tool for marketing campaigns, boosting sales and improving the customer service quality.
The call processing center comprises an operator room, a telephone platform, an automated call distributor (ACD), an email processing system, an interactive voice response system (IVR), control software, a reporting system, multimedia systems for interactive communication with clients, an ARM application, recording systems, software and a platform for predictive dialing, integration with DB and CRM systems.

The Compulink Group offers creating state-of-the-art call processing centers. As of today, the company’s specialists have implemented projects for major insurance and transport companies, lending institutions, telecommunication operators and other companies operating in industries, where customer service is of essential significance.